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“We appreciate Mary Lynne’s ability to engage the audience and to solicit multiple view points to improve communication between parents and students at home.”

– Mary Ellen Good, Northern Regional Migrant Director, Colorado Department of Education, 
Migrant Education Program
“Mary Lynne made my job easy. She was quick to respond to emails, interested in our situation, and open to ideas. Our youth connected with Mary Lynne’s stories and passion. They really got into her presentation and workshop. I can’t wait to have her back to speak to our youth again.” 

– Megan Snyder, Education Secretary, STAR Academy/DOC-Juvenile Division
Mary Lynne Fernandez is an engaging communicator, teen esteem expert, and parent supporter. She inspires, motivates, and connects with audiences through her down-to-earth personality, life stories, and raw truth.

To every audience, project, and challenge, Mary Lynne brings forth fairness, humility, and gratitude. Her kind and honest style of speaking and coaching have earned her immense respect and love in her community.

From sporting events to struggles in the classroom and life, Mary Lynne has spent countless hours helping young people deal with the roller coaster ride of life. 
An Interactive Speaker
Mary Lynne’s stories not only touches the heart, but creates laughter and connection. Since 2011, she has been inspiring parents of teenagers to take control of their life, their happiness, and their family dynamics. 

She not only encourages self-care, self-love, and self-confidence, she demands it.
 In some of her talks and workshops, Mary Lynne includes information about suicide prevention and depression awareness, a topic close to her heart.

By teaching parents easy communication techniques, they walk out of the room 
knowing the most important thing they can do to instantly improve their relationship with their teenagers. She is all about results!

She speaks at conventions, conferences, retreats, classrooms, churches and organizations.
Mary Lynne Fernandez struggled during her teenage years like so many teens do today. She overcame the struggle and teaches others to do the same so they can become a Warrior Teenager. 

Today she is respected as a powerhouse “Teen-Esteem Expert.” When it comes to connecting with teenagers, Mary Lynne is a real natural. As a certified life coach, keynote speaker, and an author, Mary Lynne is a sought-after personal empowerment leader for teenagers!

Mary Lynne speaks and connects deeply with both teen and adult audiences. With depression and suicide being a part of Mary Lynne’s past, she helps break barriers by being real and educating on both topics. Using her own life experiences, she inspires you and fulfills your desire and need to understand the teenage world.
Interested in having Mary Lynne speak at your next event? 
“Parents were inspired.” 

– Juvenal Cervantes,
Northern Regional Instructional Program Director,
Colorado Department of Education, Migrant Education Program
“She is phenomenal. She taught leadership skills at our Youth Summit as the ending keynote speaker.” 

– Shelly Shipley, 
Director of Recreation, 
City of Thornton, CO
Clients include:
Interested in having Mary Lynne speak at your next event? 
“I loved Mary Lynne’s positive attitude, she’s so creative and open on a personal level. My biggest take-away from this presentation and workshop is that I now recognize my positive attributes. As a result of this presentation, I will pursue my goals without doubt.”

– Evan, 15 years old
“The presentation encouraged me to do what I enjoy doing best. The workshop motivated me to get to know myself more and love myself.” 

– Sierra, 16 years old
“Great tips and fun presentation!”

– Barbara, parent, PTA Conference
“I learned ways to prevent my child from shutting down.”

– Karen, parent, 
Denver Public Schools Parent Institute
“Lots of good information and practical tips in two hours!”

– Anthony, parent, private workshop
What Teenagers & Parents Have to Say:
Lead From the Inside   (Youth Leadership Presentation for middle and high school students)
Take control of your life! Many teens are waiting for life to happen, following others, and making choices that result in rebellion, alcohol abuse, drug use, and depression. This presentation motivates them to begin leading their own life and create the what they desire for themselves.

Key points:
  • The importance of being a leader, not a follower in life
  • Be their own self-advocate
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Make better choices
  • Start taking action
  • Have a circle of support

Speaking Topics
Your Story Re-Written   (Perfect for adults and young people)
A story has no power unless you give it power. Many youth have stories that are not pleasant. Their stories are getting in the way of their greatness. This program takes those unpleasant stories and turns them into good, useful parts of life to power through and lead a life of love and peace.

Key points:
  • Your story doesn’t define you
  • The power of choice
  • Finding inner happiness vs. outer happiness
  • Thoughts & beliefs and how they get in the way
  • Keep moving, one step at a time

 “Mary Lynne spoke with passion. I really clicked with her stories.” – Max, 17 years old
Parent Power
Mary Lynne Fernandez sparks immediate action with her high-energy, enthusiastic style of presenting. She packs her presentations and workshops with how-to’s and go get ‘em inspirations.

She speaks to adult audiences about the importance of communication and connection during the teen years.

She educates participants on the reality of teen stress, depression, and suicide and gives concrete, applicable tools to lessen the frustration and have more confidence in their role as parent, guardian, or mentor of teenagers.

Learn simple, yet effective ways to connect with your teenager:
  • Ensure your teenager keeps talking to you during and after the teen years
  • Boost your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Create win-win situations
  • Be informed of the current statistics of teen stress, depression, and suicide
  • Learn the warning signs for suicide and depression
  • Know ways you can help

Participants leave her presentations feeling empowered, hopeful, and full of desire to take action.
Interested in having Mary Lynne speak at your next event? 
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